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  • Developed with security in mind.
  • Employs an in-depth security development lifecycle: security validation, fuzz and penetration testing, frequent code reviews, static code analysis, threat modeling and reviews to prevent backdoors in the code.
  • Includes CNA with Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) response team.
  • The project’s governance includes the formation of a security working group and a delegated security maintainer.
  • The governance and its members have a responsibility to ensure that all aspects of the code are developed securely.
  • Level 1 certification in the Platform Security Architecture (PSA) certification scheme.
  • Functional safety coming soon

Open Source

  • Available through the Apache 2.0 open source license.
  • Free to use in commercial and non-commercial solutions.
  • Hosted as a collaborative project with the Linux Foundation, the project is neutrally governed and employs a lightweight governance and development model.
  • From professional makers to large industrial and commercial vendors, the Zephyr Project strives to deliver a universally adoptable solution for the Internet of Things.

Product Ready

  • Long term support (LTS) with security updates
  • Certification-ready with Auditable


  • Full-featured and power optimal: fully preemptible tickless kernel
  • Advanced memory management: Userspace support
  • Multi-processor support: SMP and AMP 
  • Build for your architecture: Both 32 and 64-bit supported

Modular and Scalable

  • the Zephyr Project provides developers with feature-rich software optimized for memory constrained devices
  • Runs on systems as small as 8 kB of memory but scales up to systems with megabytes or even gigabytes of memory” (we now have 64-bit support)
  • Developers can use their tool suite of choice by supporting custom toolchains and compiler optimizations
  • Manage multi-repo configurations with West where it is possible to have cross-repo version control and build inclusion of entire independent project repos, including your own

Powerful Configuration Tools

  • Kconfig and Device Tree are part of the Zephyr platform
  • RTOS can be built as-is, with default configuration, or as a tailored solution by enabling/disabling features using Kconfig
  • Build applications to target different boards, and even architectures via Device Tree.


  • Optimized for low-powered, small memory footprint devices
  • Supports Bluetooth®, Bluetooth® Low Energy, Wi-Fi, 802.15.4
  • Supports standards like 6LoWPAN, CoAP, IPv4, IPv6, Ethernet, USB, CAN and Thread