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Golioth Firmware SDK Latest Release Adds Support for Zephyr’s New Modem Subsystem and Qualcomm

By April 16, 2024No Comments

We’re excited to announce the latest update to the Golioth Firmware SDK, release 0.12.0, which now includes support for Zephyr’s newly introduced Modem Subsystem. This enhancement significantly increases the flexibility of our platform, enabling support for a broader array of cellular modem technologies, starting with Qualcomm. 0.12.0 adds support for the Quectel BG95, joining the Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160 (our go-to modem around here!) as a first class cellular modem. We also introduced additional ways to securely store credentials.

Zephyr’s New Modem Subsystem

Introduced in Zephyr 3.5.0, the Modem Subsystem is a unified interface for modem drivers. This addition simplifies the integration of cellular modems (and others) into Zephyr-based projects, greatly expanding the range of devices and technologies that developers can utilize effectively. For a detailed overview of the modem subsystem, check out this summary from Zephyr’s Developer Advocate, Benjamin Cabé.

Integration in Golioth Firmware SDK

With the integration of this modem subsystem in the Golioth Firmware SDK, Golioth users can now more flexibly incorporate a wider array of modem technologies into their IoT projects. There are a lot of great modems and module vendors in the market and providing choice is at the heart of what we do at Golioth.

First Supported Modem and Board

The first modem we are supporting with this updated SDK is the BG95 from Quectel, based on Qualcomm technology. The BG95 is paired with the nRF52840 on the RAK5010 development board from RAKwireless. This combination highlights the flexibility of Qualcomm’s technology integrated into Quectel’s hardware, offering developers robust tools for deploying cellular IoT solutions efficiently.

Why Qualcomm?

We chose to support Qualcomm modems because our community asked for it! Developers have different design needs and want maximum flexibility. They need more options that accommodate diverse business needs. Qualcomm chipsets offer the latest in connectivity protocols and radio technology at competitive prices. Qualcomm provides silicon and support for a wide ecosystem of module vendors, such as Quectel, U-Blox, Telit, and more. Golioth customers have used Qualcomm modems in their products in the past, but needed to do much of the integration engineering themselves. Zephyr’s Modem Subsystem makes it easier to develop applications that integrate Qualcomm modems. Connecting this wider range of modems to Golioth is more hands-off for the user, reducing complexity. Developers can focus more on innovation and less on technical hurdles.

Also in This Release

In addition to new modem support, this release introduces a another feature: DTLS socket offloading for Zephyr. This includes an example for the long-supported Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160.

DTLS socket offloading leverages a modem’s secure credential store, which allows for the use of secure, offloaded sockets. This means there is not any private key material in RAM. This can be a significant advantage as it helps reduce RAM usage, code size, CPU load, and power consumption. Actual benefits will vary depending on the application and how the code is utilized.

This new feature enhances device security and efficiency, contributing further to the versatility and robustness of the Golioth Firmware SDK. Mike previously wrote how to store credentials on the nRF9160 using TLS tags.

Getting Started

To get started with the latest SDK:

  1. Update to the newest release, 0.12.0, from the Golioth Firmware SDK repository.
  2. Explore the documentation and examples provided for integrating the RAK5010 board or try DTLS socket offloading with the nRF9160.
  3. Visit our community forums or support channels if you need help or want to discuss your projects.

Focused on Your Success

At Golioth, we’re committed to providing you with the tools and flexibility needed to succeed in the fast-evolving world of IoT. By adding support for new modems and enhancing the ways you can manage credentials, we aim to streamline your development process and empower your innovative projects. Whether you’re integrating the latest modem technology or implementing secure credential management, Golioth is here to support every step of your journey towards building smarter, more connected solutions.

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