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Meet Zephyr 3.5 & Ask Us Anything! // Zephyr Tech Talk #004

By October 25, 2023No Comments

Tune in on Wednesday, Oct. 25 (9:00 AM EDT / 3:00 PM CEST) for a new Zephyr Tech Talk live stream!

In this special episode, we will be celebrating the release of Zephyr 3.5, scheduled for October 20, 2023. We will discuss all the latest features and improvements with the release engineers and some of the maintainers and contributors that made 3.5 possible.
Beyond learning about new features, don’t miss this unique opportunity to ask Zephyr experts all your questions!

Zephyr Tech Talks are live streams organized by and for the Zephyr community. Join us live to get a chance to ask your questions directly to our guests, or simply catch up the recording anytime afterwards!

Benjamin Cabé