The smart & connected safety pod that connects, protects and saves workers' lives.

After testing several RTOS’s, Intellinium has selected Zephyr OS running on top of two bi-core Cortex-M Nordic Semiconductor to fuel its innovative smart PPE equipment requiring to be reliable, secure, low-power and future-proof. Thanks to that, we are pushing the limits of current personal protective equipment and are proposing a game-changing range of equipment for connected workers, mainly through our Safety Pod (worker) and Detection Pod (infrastructure).

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Road Safety for vehicle users is an absolute top priority and a strong commitment for APRR-AREA. Since 2018, we have been supporting Intellinium to develop a road safety equipment (anti-collision, work zone intrusion…) which can combine different criteria : reliability, security, low-power consumption and future-proof.

Cyril BONGIBAULTChief Safety Officer, APRR-AREA