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What we’ve been reading in November (2023)

By December 5, 2023No Comments

Here are the articles, videos, and tools that we’ve been excited about this

We hope you enjoy these links, and we look forward to hearing what you’ve been
reading in the comments or on the Interrupt Slack.

  • BLE performance analysis with pyshark |
    Streamline BLE communication debugging with these tools for analyzing captured BLE packets.

  • Confusing git terminology
    Really great overview of common things that confuse me still with Git. – Eric

  • Implementing Regular Expressions
    Amazing articles about regular expressions. I learned a lot! – Noah

  • Building an occupancy sensor with a $5 ESP32 and a serverless DB
    Fun project writeup for a BLE-beacon-scanning occupancy sensor (I particularly liked the connecting of bits of cloud + on-device software). – Noah

  • Malloc tutorial
    A nicely worked example malloc implementation. – Noah

  • GNU Coverage (gcov) for an Embedded Target with VS Code | MCU on Eclipse
    Learn how to use GNU gcov (coverage) with an embedded target in Visual Studio Code, including details on toolchain, semihosting, and debugging probes.

  • Why I think C++ is still a desirable coding platform compared to Rust
    Interesting comparison of C++ and Rust. Good alternative to most I’ve read and some interesting viewpoints. – Recommended by Interrupt Slack community member, Niall Cooling

  • Making the most of Picolibc with Zephyr // Zephyr Tech Talk #007
    A discussion on various aspects of Picolibc led by Keith Packard. Picolibc is an extremely adaptable C library designed for embedded systems, and has recently been adopted as the default C library in Zephyr.

  • Coding in C for MCUs: Sort Structs to Save Code Size
    A neat way to minimize code size, organizing structure members from smallest to largest, on ARM Cortex-M-based MCUs with limited resources.

  • Exploring Startup Implementations: Newlib (ARM) – Embedded Artistry
    Explore the program startup process and its numerous with a specific emphasis on Newlib for ARM in the context of embedded systems development. Yet another great in-depth resource from Embedded Artistry.

  • Webinar: Getting Started with Zephyr RTOS (On Demand)
    Curious about Zephyr? Jacob Beningo and Memfault Ambassador Mohammed Billoo will teach you about Zephyr’s main components, navigating the codebase, building custom applications, and how to leverage Memfault to gain firmware insights.

  • Default and named arguments in C functions | by Aliaksandr Kavalchuk
    Investigate the use of default and named arguments in C functions to improve development convenience and enhance practical application.

  • Memory safety in C++, Zig, & Rust (part 1) – YouTube
    An excellent overview of Rust’s safety features in comparison to other languages.

  • Memfault Webinar – NXP, Memfault & Golioth: Observability & Device Management for IoT (Recording)
    Integrate complementary IoT cloud services over a single, secure connection using Memfault, Golioth, and NXP Semiconductors, allowing you to proactively manage and monitor your devices.

  • VS Code: Cure the Extension Creep with Profiles | MCU on Eclipse
    Too many extensions slowing down your VS Code? Enter: Profiles! Easily switch between different setups for your projects, including settings, keybindings, and extensions.

  • Memfault Webinar – How Embedded Device Observability Helps Latch Build Ultra-Reliable Products (Recording)
    Discover how Memfault customers such as Latch collect high-quality debugging and performance data from their devices in the field and use it to ensure their customers get the best possible product.

  • Getting Started With Zephyr: Saving Data To Files – Mohammed Billoo
    Memfault Ambassador, Mohammed Billoo, uses the nRF52840 dev kit to demonstrate how to make your Zephyr RTOS application store data on a microSD card – perfect for devices with intermittent internet access.

  • 2023 State of the U.S. Semiconductor Industry – Semiconductor Industry Association
    Great report from the Semiconductor Industry Association.

  • Webinar: Accelerate development and optimize in-field device quality with remote debugging and monitoring – (Recording)
    Learn how to use Nordic + Memfault together to yield LTE, Bluetooth LE, & Wi-Fi based solutions that enable you to launch products faster than ever and manage high-performance device fleets at scale in a dynamically evolving RF environment.

  • Benjamin Cabé