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Zephyr Logo

Usage of the Zephyr trademark and logo are subject to The Linux Foundation’s Trademark Usage Guidelines. Additionally, the Zephyr Project has assembled a Branding Assets Quick Guide, which provides additional guidance around Typography, Color Palette, Use Cases, Variations and Applications.

Furthermore, the Zephyr Project encourages Ecosystem Vendors who utilize/support Zephyr to apply for listing in the Ecosystem Vendor Offerings directory.

We look to our community to help us retain the value of The Linux Foundation’s trade and service marks.  If you have questions with respect to these guidelines or to report concerns regarding the use or misuse of a trademark of The Linux Foundation, or to obtain written permission for a proposed use of The Linux Foundation trademarks, contact:


Zephyr Project

Zephyr Members

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If additional file formats are needed for your use case, please Contact Us.