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Renodepedia – From Zephyr’s structured data to traceable and testable open hardware (Webinar)

November 3, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am

In this webinar on November 3 from 8-9 am PT, Antmicro will introduce Renodepedia, an extensive database of contemporary hardware powered by Renode, the open source simulation framework, using Zephyr as one of the key data sources. Renodepedia is a follow-on effort to the Renode Zephyr Dashboard – a massive Continuous Integration system that covers testing of more than 50% of all Zephyr build targets against several test cases. Register here.

Join the webinar to learn how to uncover data that is often obscured from engineers and how Zephyr’s structure yields practical benefits – and listen about our journey from being able to run a dozen or so cases, to over a thousand green ticks in our dashboard, and then to organizing this data further into a navigable, testable and verifiable portal that can help future developers understand the broad landscape of available hardware platforms.

We will show you how to process device trees hosted by Zephyr using a new tool called dts2repl, from which we automatically generate simulation scenarios for Renode which we then execute with a passing result on over 200 targets.

With data gathered from Zephyr, dts2repl, Renode and the Zephyr Dashboard we are able to construct a new source of knowledge – Renodepedia, which presents this data in a coherent and interlinked way, allowing you to navigate the complex ecosystem and helping answer questions every project faces: “which platform will work for me?”, “what if my SoC becomes unavailable?”, “how to migrate to a different hardware platform without rewriting my entire software stack?” (spoiler alert: use Zephyr and Renode).


Piotr Zierhoffer, Engineering Manager, Renode Team, Antmicro

Michael Gielda, VP Business Development, Antmicro

Register here.