Helping people with Parkinson’s to maintain a more fluid and stable gait

gaitQ tempo is a discreet vibrational cueing system to help people with Parkinson’s to maintain a more fluid and stable gait. It applies a vibrational prompt (a ‘cue‘) delivered via a discreet wearable device worn on the lower legs — an intuitive location for gait cueing.

The core component of gaitQ tempo is the Pod. Designed to be worn on the leg, the Pod can be placed under clothing, allowing you to keep any walking issues private. The Pod is secured to the leg using a strap, providing a comfortable and secure fit.

The Pod uses vibrational sensory cues to prompt the user to walk more smoothly and overcome freezing episodes, a common motor symptom of Parkinson’s. The vibrational cues are applied directly to the leg, providing subtle and gentle prompts to encourage a more regular pace of walking.

Zephyr has been invaluable in helping us bring our first product to market. As a modern RTOS, it has everything required for a fully featured product with very little effort required to integrate it. The breadth of drivers and subsystems gives us the ability to focus on the features that matter for our product, with all of the usual time-consuming aspects of embedded development already dealt with. We have had a great experience using it and know that it will give us a solid foundation for our future products.

Rich Barlow, Head of Engineering, gaitQ Limited

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