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RISC-V FORUM (Embedded Technologies)

July 21, 2021

RISC-V Forum Embedded Technologies, which will be hosted virtually on July 21 (China Standard Time), bring together experts for 3 hours of deep-dive presentations, hands-on learning, and networking with technical enthusiasts in the RISC-V ecosystem.

Kate Stewart, VP of Dependable Embedded Systems, will be at the event to present “Safety + SBOMs + Zephyr RTOS.” With the time difference, Kate will present on Tuesday, July 20 at 6:25-6:45 pm PDT.

Sensors and actuators are going to need to communicate reliably with the edge devices and up to the cloud, so more effective decisions can be made. Some of these devices are also going to have dependability and safety requirements associated with them. This session will provide a short overview of the Zephyr RTOS which was started 5 years ago, with the goal of being a safe and secure RTOS for resource constrained devices. There will be a focus on SBOMs and how Zephyr can generate the SBOM during the build, and take it to the source file level, not just the component level, better diagnosis and detection of vulnerable states is possible and addresses some of the best practices mentioned in the EO. Therefore, the development process becomes easier, more efficient and improves maintainability in field.

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