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How to bring up a Zephyr Board

By April 30, 2024May 3rd, 2024No Comments

The process of “board bring-up” can be a daunting task and one can easily end up spending days trying to get a board to boot and run a simple “blinky” sample. Creating your out-of-tree work folder, customizing a Devicetree file, building your first sample, adding support for more complex peripherals…are just some of the steps you need to go through.

In this Zephyr Tech Talk video, Eve Redero, Embedded Systems Engineer,  presents  board bring-up and how to get Zephyr RTOS up and running on a new board you designed (or one that is not supported by the Zephyr project just yet).

If you missed it, watch this Tech Talk video below or on Youtube or LinkedIn:

About Tech Talks:

Zephyr Tech Talks are live streams organized Benjamin Cabé, Zephyr Developer Advocate,  for the community. Sign up to be featured here in an upcoming live stream. Watch past Tech Talks on the Zephyr Tech Talk Youtube Playlist.



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