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Infineon “Connect Things with Code!” Contest

By August 24, 2023No Comments

The Contest

Infineon has announced a contest to quite literally connect “things” with code. The goal of this contest is to create reusable code and device libraries that run on an Infineon CPU (XMC™ or PSoC™), and perform a usefulsk.

Currently, the Zephyr project has support for six Infineon boards (search for “Infineon” here), and you can use any one of these boards for your contest entry, or you can port Zephyr to any other Infineon board that uses PSoC™ or XMC™ processor chips.


As part of the contest Infineon has already given away 100 hardware bundles that contained various Infineon processors and peripherals.

*** But if you weren’t one of the lucky winners of free hardware bundles, not to worry! You can bring your own hardware (BYOH)! ***

Infineon offers many processor and sensor boards through online retailers, or if you already have an Infineon board in your collection, feel free to use it for this contest. Although the contest requires development on an XMC™ or PSoC™ platform, you are not constrained to a specific set of sensors, actuators, or other components. The sky’s the limit…connecting these “things” is what it’s all about!


Project examples could be device libraries for accessing a sensor, machine learning, expanding Zephyr support on Infineon boards, or added peripheral support.

Some examples of projects, that could be up-streamed into the Zephyr tree are:

  • Zephyr device driver for Infineon sensors such as:
    • CO2 sensor PASC02V01
    • 3D magnetic sensor driver TLI493D
  • Porting Zephyr to an Infineon PSoC™ or XMC™ board beyond the six boards currently supported
  • Expanding support to include more of the onboard peripherals

Of course, there are many other things you could do within the scope of the contest. Use your imagination and come up with something awesome, exciting, and new! The real competition lies in the creation of reusable device libraries.

Learn more about getting started with Zephyr on the Infineon PSoC 6 Prototyping Kit in this tutorial:


There are a large number of prizes available, and Zephyr based projects are eligible for many of them, including the Grand Prize of $USD 2,500. See the full prize list here. The full rules for the contest are

Zephyr Project