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Linaro Connect & Zephyr

By September 22, 2020No Comments

Linaro is hosting its annual conferences a little differently this year – all their conferences are virtual! Join Linaro Connect online this week from September 22-24. This event will be a 3 day series of technical keynotes, sessions and more. You can still register for this free event. Click here for more details –

Zephyr will be featured in detail in one of the sessions on Thursday, September 24. In a session titled, “LVC20-310 Testing IoT Devices: Design and Progress from LITE Team,” Kumar Gala, a Zephyr Project TSC member, maintainer and manager of the Zephyr SDK and LITE Principal Technical Lead at Linaro, will present the session with Paul Sokolovsky, IoT Engineer at Linaro. The LITE team will discuss the overall design and intent of an MCU CI/Testing infrastructure and our progress towards this goal. Using LAVA with Docker, we are able to test multiple vendor boards across multiple software projects such as MCUboot, TF-M and Zephyr.

Other Zephyr Project leaders will be on-site to give other technical talks. To see what David Brown, the Security Architect for the Zephyr Project and Senior Engineer at Linaro, will also give a security session using Rust in MCUboot.

Check out the full schedule here.

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