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Open Source Summit China JUNE 25, 2019 – JUNE 26, 2019

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The Zephyr Project will be on-site at Open Source Summit on June 25-26, which is co-located with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon. Previously known as LinuxCon + CloudOpen + ContainerCon China (LC3), Open Source Summit gathers technologists and open source industry leaders to collaborate, share information and learn about the newest and most interesting open source technologies, including Linux, IoT, blockchain, AI, networking, and more.

Zephyr will be represented in the following sessions:

  • Tuesday, June 25 at 3:50-4:25 pm – Kai Ren, a Developer Relations Manager with Bluetooth SIG, will share how Bluetooth Mesh works with Zephyr. This session will present and explain the fundamental technical concepts of Bluetooth mesh, for example, provisioning, model, security keys, publish/subscribe, address and will introduce the key points of Bluetooth mesh implementation on Zephyr project. Click here to add it to your schedule.
  • Tuesday, June 25 at 3:50 – 4:25 pm – Thea Aldrich, Developer Advocate for the Zephyr Project, will present a session that showcases Zephyr titled: Unlocking IoT Innovation with an Open Source IoT. This presentation will offer a look into the community (who is building Zephyr OS and what motivates their involvement), current initiatives (LTS release, new features and expanded functionality) and a preview of the technical roadmap (pursuing functional safety certifications and expanding our developer resources). Click here to add it to your schedule.
  • Wednesday, June 26 at 9-9:30 am – Hake Huang, a Senior Software Engineer for NXP, will give a talk about “Continuous Integration Practices for Zephyr Upstream,” which showcases how the NXP Zephyr Devops system works for NXP upstream augment testing. The proposed system contains several subsystems based on several popular open source projects, including building an internal cloudy build system with zephyr Docker file, and linking this Docker image with Jenkins Docker, a scheduler system for multiply board testing as well as virtualization validation system and some glue scripts.  Click here to add it to your schedule.
  • Wednesday, June 26 at 12:05 -12:40 pm – Kate Stewart, Senior Director of Strategic Programs at the Linux Foundation, will lead a session about “Developing Open Source for Safety and Security.” This talk will summarize the current state of Zephyr and the project’s plans for going after Functional Safety certifications in 2019 while still handling any potential security issues. This will be contrasted with the ELISA project and how the team on ELISA is working towards new processes and tools to help Linux become certified for use in functional safety applications. Click here to add it to your schedule.
  • Wednesday, June 26 at 4:45-5:20 pm – Wayne Ren, a Senior Software Engineer at Synopsys, will share “The Secure Design in Zephyr and its Implementation in Synopsys ARC Processor.” This talk will present the latest progress of Zephyr, the secure design of it, including memory protection and Trust Execution Environment. We will also discuss how the Zephyr is supported in Synopsys ARC processors. Click here to add this to your schedule.

To learn more or to register for Open Source Summit, click here.

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