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Participate in Zephyr RTOS Technical Documentation Survey

By June 1, 2023No Comments

As the Zephyr community is getting ready to gather at Zephyr Developer Summit in less than a month, I can already tell you that one of the (many!) topics that will be discussed there will be Zephyr’s documentation. While already a trusted and comprehensive resource for many developers as well Zephyr maintainers themselves, we know that there is probably room for making the documentation even better.

So in order to give folks a chance to share their experiences and expectations with the Zephyr documentation, we have just launched a short survey that I hope you will consider taking. Your answers will be anonymous unless you choose to provide your contact information.

Why Should You Participate?

To put it shortly: your insights matter! There are just so many developer profiles out there and so many types of applications that one can build with Zephyr, that it can be difficult to get priorities right when trying to improve our documentation.

In particular, here are some of the things that I am hoping to learn from your feedback:

  • How do you typically interact with the documentation?
  • What are the topics/sections you think are missing?
  • If you’re building a commercial offering on top of Zephyr, how do you re-use/ship Zephyr docs to your customers?
  • etc.

How long will it take me to complete the survey?

There are several free-form text fields in the survey so you are more than welcome (I do mean it!) to write an essay and share your very detailed feedback with us. But even sticking to the multiple choice questions will already be very valuable, and should take you just 5 minutes of your time.

Thanks in advance for your time and participation!

Benjamin Cabé