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ProGlove Introduces New IoT Wearable for Industrial, Logistics and Trade

By March 6, 2019No Comments

Last week, you learned more about Zephyr RTOS powering drones. This week, we’re shining the spotlight on smart gloves, specifically the next generation of IoT Industrial wearables from ProGlove!

Most industrial companies struggle with the same issue – how to streamline technology to confirm work orders or document process steps. Many companies employ mobile handheld scanners that are clunky and unwieldy and sometimes not dependable. They bring unnecessary weight, must be turned off, and are often lost or quickly broken. This delays work processes, leads to errors and affects the quality. The ProGlove’s smart gloves addresses these problems and turns the handheld to smart, wearable barcode scanners that ensures greater efficiency, flexibility, ergonomics, quality and process reliability. Employees can easily trigger the scanning process, they no longer have to constantly search for the scanner, and above all they have their hands free at all times. By eliminating the need to pick up a regular barcode scanner, ProGlove is able to speed up processes by up to 50% and gives users feedback on the tasks performed. This reduces mistakes, improves quality, and provides tangible data for future decisions.

Part of the smart glove solution is Zephyr RTOS. Zephyr is scalable, optimized for resource constrained devices, and built with safety and security in mind. It’s perfect for ProGlove – which just launched MARK 2, the second generation of the intelligent glove, based on the operating system.

Compared to its predecessor, it is characterized above all by the support of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a larger scan range, a faster image processing and a significantly longer runtime. The Smart Wearables of the Munich-based Start Ups are designed for use in industrial environments and are used in particular in production and logistics, but also in retail.

Like its predecessor, MARK 2 is specially designed for use in production, logistics and retail. BLE makes connecting the Plug and Play device to the corporate network even easier. In combination with tablets, smartphones and other portable devices, employees can work hands-free and without a station. The 1D and 2D barcode engine is twice as fast and much more accurate than before.

If you’re currently at the Global Industry Show at Eurexpo Lyon, stop by the ProGlove booth to see the new MARK 2! For more about how Zephyr RTOS powers innovative products, join the conversation on the Zephyr Slack Channel –

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