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Sneak Peek: Zephyr Project at Embedded World

By February 12, 2020No Comments

On February 25-27, more than 32,000 people will be in Nuremburg, Germany for Embedded World 2020. The event offers the global community the opportunity to learn about new developments in all aspects of embedded system technologies. Last year, 1,117 companies from 42 countries, almost 100 more than in the previous year, showcased their solutions to the around 31,000 trade visitors from 84 countries at this leading fair for the embedded community.

The Zephyr Project is back at the show again this year – this time with a booth filled with innovative demos, speaking engagements and products/solutions at several member and community booths including: Antmicro (4A-621), (5-440), Nordic Semiconductor (4A-310), PHYTEC (1-438) and RISC-V (3A-536). Here’s a sneak peek at some of the Zephyr demos at their booths:

Antmicro (4A-621): Antmicro will showcase three live demos featuring the Zephyr Real Time Operating System.

Zynq Video Board: a Zephyr-capable FPGA SoC open camera board

The Zynq Video Board is Antmicro’s open hardware platform for high-speed SoC FPGA video processing. Designed to accommodate the Xilinx Zynq (or other FPGA modules), this fully open source board allows interfacing up to two 2-lane MIPI CSI-2 cameras and offers practical HDMI, Ethernet, and SD card support. The EW 2020 demo will feature camera sensors controlled by Zephyr running on a VexRiscV RISC-V softcore – another example of how Antmicro is using and contributing to open source IP, enabling entire FPGA processing pipelines built on open source.

GEM: a rapid turnaround chiplet-based ASIC with Zephyr

Antmicro’s GEM chiplet-based ASIC series was introduced at the 2019 RISC-V Summit to prove that rapid turnaround chips based on open ISAs are enabling engineers to create custom solutions within a practical, quick-prototyping / quick-tape-out process. The GEM demo will show a real-time analysis of video footage from a camera running a Lattice iCE40 FPGA inside the GEM chip. The chip itself features a RISC-V core in a soft SoC (LiteX) and runs Zephyr RTOS for simple control tasks or re-programming the processing FPGA with different bitstreams.

QuickLogic EOS S3 with Zephyr port
Antmicro has recently added a Zephyr port to QuickLogic’s Quick Feather development board for the EOS S3 and the soon-to-be-released addition to the open source Tomu tiny USB family of devices, nicknamed Qomu – both of which will be showcased at Antmicro’s booth. The EOS S3 is also supported in Antmicro’s Renode open source simulation framework for rapid prototyping, development and testing of multi-node systems, offering a more efficient hardware/software co-design approach to Zephyr developers.

PHYTEC (1-438): PHYTEC will feature advanced technologies in the fields of test & measurement, healthcare, agriculture, fitness, energy, transportation, industrial IoT and security applications. They will also be giving out 50 reelboards. The key demonstrations in the system solutions area will showcase: 

Connect 4 demo (Human vs Machine): The PHYTEC object detection, inference, and real-time robotics demo (aka Connect4 Demo)  is a classic showdown of Machine vs Human. The Machine, in this case, is a robotic arm, a ball return system, a camera, and a PHYTEC phyCORE-AM5729 embedded system that sees the human’s move, plans its own move, places the game piece, and cleans up after near certain victory. 

Low Power Solutions for IoT: 
        a) different display technologies (passive/EPD, OLED, LCD) using Zephyr OS 
        b) reel board with link boards as a rapid prototyping system for Low Power Applications 
        c) presenting a new link board NOTM.2 module with Nordic nRF5340 
        d) presenting a new link board CAN (Communication via CAN-bus between Linux and Zephyr OS) 

Not only will Zephyr be on display in these hands-on demos, but it will also be featured in several presentations. For more details about the Zephyr presentations, click here:

We hope to see you at Embedded World! Tag @ZephyrIoT in your tweets and we’ll retweet your photos and messages!