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Q&A with Zephyr 3.6 Release Managers, Contributors and Maintainers

By February 29, 2024No Comments

On Friday, February 23, the Zephyr Project announced the 3.6 release. You can read about it here or watch the video here.

In this special Zephyr Tech Talk on Wednesday, February 28, our Developer Advocate Benjamin Cabe walked through some of the highlights of the 3.6 release and some of the new features and improvements with the release managers and some of the maintainers and contributors that helped get 3.6 out the door. Speakers included Nordic Semiconductor’s Robert Lubos and Alberto Escolar, Trackunit’s Bjarki Arge Andreasen, Google’s Fabio Baltieri, Arduino’s Luca Burelli, Analog Devices’ Maureen Helm, Vestas’ Henrik “Brix” Anderson and Intel’s Anas Nashif and Flavio Ceolin.

If you missed it, watch this Tech Talk video below or on Youtube or LinkedIn:

About Tech Talks:

Zephyr Tech Talks are live streams organized Benjamin Cabé, Zephyr Developer Advocate,  for the community. Sign up to be featured here in an upcoming live stream. Watch past Tech Talks on the Zephyr Tech Talk Youtube Playlist.



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