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Thankful for the Zephyr Community

By November 26, 2020No Comments

Written by Kate Stewart, Senior Director of Strategic Programs at the Linux Foundation

When we launched Zephyr in 2016,  there were 80 authors that had contributed to the code base prior to its public starting points.   Today, there are 10 times that amount with more than 800 visible contributors. 

In fact, if you look at the project, there are more than 100+ authors are participating in creating and reviewing commits each month.   The project is very thankful to those contributors,  as well as the maintainers who do the bulk of the review work for accepting the contributions in and building Zephyr to be a community that developers enjoy working in. 

We recently surveyed the maintainers & codeowners and when asked how satisfied are they with Zephyr project, 84% of the response was positive.   We are very thankful to hear this and will continue to work to improve the developer experience in the year to come. 

Thank you to the 800+ developers already contributing to Zephyr. We appreciate all your contributions and look forward to more collaboration next year.  

If you haven’t joined our community yet, we welcome you to check out the project and consider contributing.  Click here for more information:

Kate Stewart