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The Zephyr Project Announces Schedule and Opens Registration for the Zephyr Developer Summit

By May 6, 2021June 29th, 2021No Comments

To mark its 5th anniversary this year, the Zephyr Project is hosting the first-ever Zephyr Developer Summit virtually on June 8-10. Developers from around the world will convene online for three days to share knowledge, network with colleagues and advance Zephyr RTOS. The event is free to attend and registration is now open. Interested participants can register here:

Experts from organizations like Antmicro, BayLibre, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Circuit Dojo LLC, Espressif Systems, Intel,  Goliath, Libre Solar Technologies GmbH, Linaro, Nordic Semiconductor, Systerel, Teslabs Engineering and Wind River  will deliver presentations and lightning talks in three tracks – Mini-Conference, User-Ecosystem and Contributor.

Sample sessions for the User/Ecosystem track include:

  • Zephyr Power Management 101
  • USB Support in Zephyr
  • Logging subsystem overview
  • Real Time in the Real World, Scheduler Details for Practical Problems
  • Using Visual Trace Diagnostic on Zephyr Application
  • Micropython binding to LVGL in Zephyr OS
  • Using CI-based workflow with Renode in bringing TensorFlow Lite to Zephyr
  • Taking Zephyr RTOS to the Virtual Edge

Sample sessions for the Contributor track include:

  • Connecting Zephyr-based devices to the cloud
  • Machine Learning with TensorFlow Lite Micro on Zephyr
  • Securing MCUBoot in 5 minutes or less
  • Trusted Firmware M in Zephyr
  • Integrating RISC-V PMP Support in Zephyr
  • Energy-Efficient Zephyr Device Testing System
  • Developing Hardware for Zephyr

Mini-Conferences  will focus on testing, safety, device management, power electronics, and common application configuration for boards based on Zephyr. 

There will be a special keynote panel to close the summit on considerations on commercializing firmware.

The schedule is being finalized now, but you can check out the schedule as it evolves here:

We would like to give a special shout out to the Programming Committee:

  • Anas Nashif, Intel
  • Carles Cufi, Nordic Semiconductor
  • Jonathan Beri, Golioth
  • Keith Short, Google
  • Maureen Helm, NXP
  • Olof Johansson, Facebook

Thank you to the speakers and committee members for all your work to make our first Zephyr Developer Summit an opportunity for the community to gather and learn about all the innovation that is happening in the Zephyr ecosystem. We invite you to join us and register today: