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Zephyr Connecting to the Clouds

By July 15, 2021No Comments

Almost 700 people registered for the first-ever Zephyr Developer Summit, which took place virtually on June 8-10, to learn more about the RTOS. We had 3 tracks, 5 mini-conferences, 28 sessions and 51 speakers who presented engaging technical content, best practices, use cases and more. We’ll be adding event videos each week to the Zephyr Youtube Channel. Stay tuned here for more videos.

Today, we’re featuring all of the presentations that showcase Zephyr’s connecting to the clouds including Golioth: connecting Zephyr-based devices to the cloud, Using Zephyr RTOS in an end-to-end IPv6 IoT solution and Taking Zephyr RTOS to the Virtual Edge. Check out the abstracts and watch the videos below.

Golioth: connecting Zephyr-based devices to the cloud – Jonathan Beri and Alvaro Viebrantz, Golioth

Golioth, which joined the Zephyr Project member in June,  is an IoT platform built to reduce the friction for hardware devs to securely develop, connect and manage their devices from the cloud. A core pillar of Golioth is the device SDK built on top of Zephyr. During this presentation, you’ll learn why we chose Zephyr, how we designed our module, integrated our services with the native networking stack, and how we were able to leverage powerful subsystems like MCUboot and logging. You’ll walk away understanding how Zephyr helped get us to market faster and why we’re so excited to be a part of the community!


Using Zephyr RTOS in an end-to-end IPv6 IoT solution – Jan Geldmacher and Christian Taedcke, Lemonbeat GmbH

Lemonbeat offers IoT connectivity solutions consisting of field devices, gateways, and a backend system using end-to-end IPv6. Based on the use case requirements we have to be flexible and  support different types of connectivity between field device and gateway. This includes wireless connection via long or short range radio, wired connection via ethernet, and cellular connectivity (LTE cat-M1 or LTE cat-NB1). Zephyr enabled us to build a highly flexible software for our devices which seamlessly integrates our IPv6 based application layer with the underlying varying communication layers. In this talk, we show some of our use cases and explain how we used Zephyr RTOS to implement device and gateway firmwares. Additionally, the presentation covers some of the contributions we made to the Zephyr project (mostly related to IPv6 routing and PPP support). Finally, we will explain challenges and learnings we experienced when moving from a legacy stack to Zephyr based solution.

Taking Zephyr RTOS to the Virtual Edge – Rob Woolley, Wind River

New edge computing architectures are using virtualization to partition the system into different functional domains.  These use cases also have a requirement for real-time and safety-critical applications that can’t be met by Linux.  In this presentation, we will demonstrate how Zephyr RTOS may be used in these new designs by adding support for virtual I/O.

If you have questions or would like to chat with any of our Zephyr speakers, ambassadors or members of the Technical Steering Committee (TSC), please join us on the Zephyr Slack.