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Zephyr Dev Summit: Working with Zephyr Devices & Devicetree (Videos)

By July 14, 2022July 26th, 2022No Comments

More than 380 people registered for the 2nd Annual Zephyr Developer Summit, which took place on June 8-9 in-person in Mountain View, CA and virtually for attendees around the world, to learn more about the fastest growing RTOS. We hosted a “Zephyr Intro Day” on June 7 and had 4 tracks, 2 mini-conferences, 2 tutorials, 54 sessions and 58 speakers who presented engaging technical content, best practices, use cases and more. We’ll be adding event videos each week to the Zephyr Youtube Channel. Stay tuned here for more videos.

Today, we’re featuring all of the presentations that focused on Zephyr devices and devicetree including “Zephyr Device Tree Mysteries, Solved,” “USB-C Power Delivery Overview”, “USB Support in Zephyr RTOS” and “Tutorial: Mastering Zephyr Driver development.” Watch the videos below or click on the links to see a PDF of the presetntations.

Zephyr Device Tree Mysteries, Solved” – Presented by Marti Bolivar, Senior Software Engineer at Nordic Semiconductor

Devicetree is a foundational part of Zephyr. It is a domain-specific language and data format used throughout the project for describing the hardware a Zephyr application runs on, as well as its initial configuration. Despite its widespread use, however, it is often regarded as a mysterious area, and it can be difficult to diagnose build errors related to devicetree. This talk describes the design and implementation of the Zephyr’s devicetree subsystem, going beyond the user-facing API to describe implementation details underlying common confusion.

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USB-C Power in Delivery Overview” – Presented by Diana Zigterman, USB-C lead for the ChromeOS Embedded Controller team at Google
Overview of USB-C Power Delivery and its Zephyr subsystem. This will include:

  • Connection process from the USB Type-C Specification
  • Messaging basics from the Power Delivery Specification
  • Zephyr subsystem overview
  • USB-C road-map (current features available and future plans)
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USB Support in Zephyr OS” – Johann Fischer, R&D Engineer at Nordic Semiconductor

For a long time we have only USB device support in Zephyr OS, and unfortunately one with many drawbacks. Since a few months Johann is working on the new USB device support, and and recently also on the USB host support. Johann will make an overview of the overhauled USB device support in Zephyr OS, from the USB controller driver (UDC) API and tips on how to implement a new controller driver, to the USB device stack interface to classes or functions. In the second part the Johann will present the basic USB host support and USB host controller API, as deep as it is developed at the time of the presentation. The focus will be on testing the entire USB subsystem. Also the use of the USBIP protocol will be demonstrated.

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Tutorial: Mastering Zephyr Driver Development” – Gerard Marull Paretas, Software and Electrical Engineer at Nordic Semiconductor

In this presentation, we’ll cover a broad range of topics related to Zephyr driver development, including:

General guidelines about Zephyr device drivers and best practices

The role of Devicetree and Kconfig in device drivers

Application-specific topics: out-of-tree drivers, custom driver APIs

Hands-on example of implementing a real driver

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If you have questions or would like to chat with any of our Zephyr speakers, ambassadors or members of the Technical Steering Committee (TSC), please join us on Discord.