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Zephyr @ embedded world 2023

By February 22, 2023March 9th, 2023No Comments

The embedded world Exhibition & Conference brings the entire embedded community together once a year in Nürnberg and provides a unique overview of the state-of-the-art in this versatile industry. Last year, the conference hosted more than 720 international exhibitors and 18,000+ visitors from all over the world could finally meet again in the seven halls at the exhibition center in Nuremberg on March 14-16. 

The Zephyr Project is back at the show again this year in Hall 4- Stand 170 and will be filled with innovative demos and products/solutions. Member companies featured in the booth include Platinum members Antmicro, Nordic Semiconductor and NXP; and Silver members AVSystem, Blues Wireless, Golioth,  IRNAS, Memfault, Parasoft and Sternum.

Here’s a sneak peek at their demos: 

Dedicated kiosks: Antmicro, Nordic Semiconductor & NXP 

Antmicro: Renodepedia – From Zephyr’s structured data to traceable and testable open hardware with Renode

Antmicro will demonstrate Renodepedia, an extensive database of contemporary hardware powered by Renode, their open source simulation framework, using Zephyr as one of the key data sources. Renodepedia is a follow-on effort to the Renode Zephyr Dashboard – a massive Continuous Integration system that already covers testing of more than 50% of all Zephyr build targets against several test cases.

Learn how to uncover data that is often obscured from engineers and how Zephyr’s structure yields practical benefits – and listen about Antmicro’s journey from being able to run a dozen or so cases, to over a thousand green ticks in the Dashboard, and then to organizing this data further into a navigable, testable and verifiable portal that can help future developers understand the broad landscape of available hardware platforms.

Nordic Semiconductor: Auracast™ LE Audio Demo & Thingy World Demo

LE Audio is the next generation of Bluetooth Audio, making audio streaming over Bluetooth Low Energy possible. It enables new use cases and significantly reduces power consumption compared to Bluetooth Classic Audio. In this demo, Nordic will show you the LE Audio broadcast feature known as Auracast™ running on the nRF5340 Audio DK. The demo uses the LE Audio profiles and the Bluetooth LE Host from the Zephyr RTOS.

The demo broadcasts audio, enabling an audio source device to broadcast one or more audio streams to an unlimited number of audio sink devices. Broadcast audio opens significant new opportunities for innovation:

  • Personal Audio Sharing
    • Broadcast Audio allows for one or multiple audio streams to be broadcast to an unlimited number of devices. It enables applications like Personal Audio Sharing where a user can share their audio stream, for example from a phone or tablet, with other user’s headphones in the vicinity.
  • Location-based Audio Sharing
    • On a bigger scale Location-based Audio Sharing can be used. Example applications include a cinema where visitors can watch the same movie with different languages enabled on their headphones. It can be used in a gym with multiple TVs to select the audio from the channel that you want to watch. Further examples are airports, conferences, museums etc.

In this Thingy World demo, we will demonstrate the global connectivity possible with NB-IoT and LTE-M running on the nRF9160 SiP, ultra low-power operation, and location services. The demo uses several components from the Zephyr RTOS (Ex: the TCP/IP stack and MQTT library).

Location information is critical and vital for multiple types of devices. Location services such as Assisted GPS (A-GPS), single-cell (SCELL), multi-cell (MCELL), and Wi-Fi positioning enable product makers to select the right technology with the right accuracy/power consumption that exactly fits their application/use cases. 

NXP:  Zephyr Smart Oven UI Demo

Leveraging NXP’s i.MX RT crossover MCU’s, this demo showcases LVGL graphics with VIT local voice control. It highlights Zephyr’s portability by running the same application on multiple hardware platforms and leverages Zephyr’s networking Stack and Ethernet to display the latest information from the server. 

Shared Kiosk: AVSystem & Memfault

AVSystem: Coiote – LwM2M IoT platform for MLOps

In this demo, AVSystem presents the implementation of a TinyML based vibration sensor. Our solution is trained to monitor vibrations of an object. Through the integration with Coiote, LwM2M-standard based IoT platform, it is able to detect and report anomalies in vibrations. 

This demo is based on the Nordic Thingy:91 which runs the Zephyr RTOS and uses the Edge Impulse platform. Using out-of-the-box mechanisms available in the Coiote platform, we are able to tweak some parameters of the sensor and update the machine learning model using OTA services. 

TinyML solutions are rapidly growing and have the potential to revolutionalize our daily lives. As deployment of TinyML algorithms on resource-constrained embedded devices is relatively cheap in comparison to cloud based ML solutions,  experience a boom of TinyML solutions in versatile use cases including security systems, intelligent lighting, wildlife conservation, early warnings about system failure detections and many others.

Despite the quickly growing number of available TinyML projects, existing solutions for MLOps are not well integrated with each other and the rest of the IoT ecosystem. As a result, IoT solution providers are required to integrate multiple communication stacks into their devices, which is challenging for resource-constrained devices. This makes devices open many connections and send data in non-unified format, which leads to an increased device resources consumption and complexities in normalizing data in the cloud.

These challenges can be addressed by integration of the LwM2M communication protocol with TinyML solutions. In such a scenario, we obtain a single communication stack that multiplexes OTA updates, telemetry data collection and device management on a single network connection. In addition, standardization of data format in LwM2M removes the necessity for data normalization on the cloud side and enables easy data federation with 3rd parties.  


To efficiently debug your MCU based devices and build reliable IoT products, experts from Memfault will showcase a demo on the traditional debugging workflow and how to use Memfault for debugging and analytics. 

Shared Kiosk: Blues Wireless & Golioth

Blues Wireless: Adding Cellular to Zephyr with the Blues Notecard Demo

Experts from Blues Wireless will demonstrate how to easily add cellular connectivity to Zephyr Projects using the Notecard as well as how the Notecard Outboard Firmware Update capability can be utilized to migrate existing applications to Zephyr RTOS over the air. 

Golioth: IoT Trashcan Monitor, IoT Greenhouse Controller & IoT Power Monitor Demos

Golioth demos at the Zephyr booth will be “reference designs” for real world applications. They will be showcasing their IoT Trashcan Monitor, IoT Greenhouse Controller, and our IoT Power Monitor. Each of these designs runs the Golioth Zephyr SDK (built on top of Zephyr) and communicates back to the Golioth network; we also utilize an open source visualization platform (Grafana) to help showcase the data being sent from Zephyr-powered hardware. 

The Golioth team is excited to talk to attendees about how Zephyr has enabled faster prototyping and extensibility among a large amount of off-the-shelf hardware. Golioth showcased a different set of demos at the Zephyr booth in 2022. This year, they are focused on providing a great experience for Zephyr users and introducing hardware and firmware engineers to the platform. Learn more here.

Shared Kiosk: Parasoft, Sternum & IRNAS

Parasoft: Showcasing their latest product capabilities in software test automation

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how Parasoft C/C++test is used by Zephyr project to comply with Zephyr Coding Guidelines and beyond including:

  • Exploring the integration with West build system
  • Overview of customized ruleset currently setup for Zephyr
  • Dashboards and reporting of analysis results
  • Going forward: Integration with github and VSCode

Sternum: Adding On-device Runtime Protection and Live Monitoring for Zephyr Devices under 5 minutes

 Join Sternum CTO, Lian Granot for a live presentation of Sternum-to-Zephyr integration and see how, in just a few minutes, you can embed proactive runtime protection into any Zephyr-operated device, immunizing it against current and future threats, including 0-day 1-day vulnerabilities.

In the second part of his session, Lian will demonstrate how the same system is used to collect and present device and fleet-level metrics, providing you with live remote access to logs, insights, correlations, and notifications for continuous monitoring of your devices. All in the context of one centralized platform, custom-made for IoT builders using Zephyr OS.

IRNAS: Smart IoT Device RAM-1 Demo

A smart electrical grid monitoring system with on-device Machine Learning is surveying the electrical grid performance parameters, surviving the harshest weather conditions in remote locations for over 10 years on a single battery. Learn more here.

In addition to these demos, we will also showcase products that are running Zephyr. Many of the devices mentioned below are products in the market today including: 

  • Sentrius™ MG100 Gateway: Powered by Laird Connectivity’s Pinnacle 100 Modem, the Sentrius MG100 Gateway is a compact, out of the box Bluetooth to low power cellular gateway solution, with LTE-M/NB-IoT and Bluetooth 5.
  • Chester: Extensible IoT gateway for Industry 4.0, smart city, e-metering, and agricultural applications. CHESTER connects sensors, actuators, PLC controllers, and other devices to the internet.
  • The BeST SENSOR Pump Monitor JROV2201: Developed in conjunction with Phytec, devices use temperature, moisture, accelerometer, orientation and pressure sensors to monitor the status of wastewater tanks.
  • Blixt: A miniature solid state circuit breaker that measures energy usage at the circuit level (sub-metering), in real-time at up to several thousand readings per second. This enables energy suppliers, grid operators, aggregators, and other third parties to go far beyond the meter and gain totally new insights.
  • Träck: A powerful LoRa® tracker for monitoring devices and goods. The tracker, which measures just 40×40 mm, can be easily attached to objects and collects data such as temperature, humidity and movement.
  • Intellinium Safety Pod:The smart & connected safety pod that connects, protects and saves workers’ lives.

Additionally, when you visit the Zephyr booth (Hall 4-170) you’ll see ambassadors and project members wearing reel board mesh badges. If you already have a reel board, then we invite you to visit our booth and connect with those at our booth with a broadcast greeting message from your own reel board.

Not only will Zephyr be on display in these hands-on demos, but it will also be featured in several presentations. 

How to Design an Embedded Signal-processing System Using Zephyr RTOS ⁠- Oliver Völckers, Founder and Geschäftsführer BeST Berliner Sensortechnik GmbH and Jonas Remmert, Phytec at 10 am – 12:30 pm – March 14

A Customer-specific, Distributed and Wireless AI System for the Monitoring of Wastewater Pumps – Oliver Völckers, Founder and Geschäftsführer BeST Berliner Sensortechnik GmbH at 11:30 am – 12 pm – March 15

Some member companies will be hosting their own booths as well. Stop by to see them here: 

  • NXP – Hall 4A, Stand 222
  • Nordic –  Hall 4A, Stand 310
  • Memfault –  Hall 4, Stand 641
  • Parasoft – Hall 4, Stand 378

We hope to see you at embedded world! Tag @ZephyrIoT in your tweets and we’ll retweet your photos and messages!


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