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Zephyr RTOS @ Open Source Summit North America

By October 28, 2020No Comments

Open Source Summit North America, took place virtually on June 29-July 2 with 4,183 attendees from 2,344 organizations in 109 countries around the globe! This year’s event attracted a diverse mix of professionals from across the open source ecosystem. For more about the event, check out the Linux Foundation’s recap report.

The Zephyr Project was featured in several sessions. If you missed it, the videos are now available. Watch them below and let us know what you think!

IoT Root of Trust – Knowing Who We are and Who to Trust – David Brown, Linaro

In this presentation, David Brown will cover the notion of trust and identity as it relates to the initial bootloader. What is meant by “root of trust”. The talk will cover various aspects of identity, including: secure boot, attestation, device identity, and provisioning. Although MCUboot will be used for specific examples, the presentation is generally applicable.

Zephyr RTOS juicy features using simple evaluation boards and robots – Maksim Masalski, Intel

In this presentation, Maksim gives introduction into Zephyr RTOS and its features using inexpensive educational microcomputers initially designed to involve kids into the world of the programming. This way developers and makers can easily start development of the hardware IoT prototypes powered by Zephyr RTOS. Maksim will describe powerful features of the open-source Zephyr RTOS and will demonstrate them using development boards and robots.

Software update (OTA) for Zephyr – Pathiban Nallathambi, Linumiz

Zephyr devices can be connected in two possible (direct and in-direct) ways to the internet. Directly using Modem/WiFi/Ethernet medium or in-directly via local radio through Gateways like Linux. Upgrading such Zephyr system in the field is a complex task and must be robust, secure.

This video offers details about various possible update solutions available like UpdateHub, Hawkbit, SWUpdate for Zephyr. Using a NXP FRDM-K64F board as an example, we will discuss and demo different possible ways for updating Zephyr system.

Managing the Wind – Remote management for Zephyr devices with LwM2M – Frederic Desbiens, Eclipse Foundation

The Zephyr RTOS possesses built-in support for LwM2M. In this presentation, you will discover how to leverage LwM2M to manage Zephyr-based devices and the pros and cons of using Zephyr’s built-in LwM2M client. You will also learn about various LwM2m servers, including the Eclipse Leshan open source project, which you can use to build your own LwM2M management server.

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